Depression in a man’s mind

It’s one of those nights the motions have come. You linger in bed thinking how people are dying around you. How probably you’ve been dead a long time but maybe this is your ghost living in a dead society that broke all the life out of you. It’s a night you’re not sure what love means.

Menstruation & Masculinity

The current reality is men grow up with little to no knowledge of reproductive health. We barely know how to support women around us during menstruation. I’m starting to see how there ought to be communal based support for women during this time.

To Forgive or Not Forgive Moi

The more I’ve grown the harder I find it to tell anyone to forgive those who hurt them. It’s been easier to validate their pain, hoping that by doing so – maybe, and just maybe, they’d get some kind of peace. I don’t have the right to tell you what to do with your pain.

Young, Sex & Trauma

I started learning about sexual reproductive health at 28. This was shortly before plunging into full blown depression. It was dangerous because I almost relapsed into old sexual habits. The thing about depression is it creeps like a snake, by the time you hear the first hiss you’re already in its trap.